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About Us

The company Mora Costruzioni Meccaniche is a society which has been manufacturing press brake tools since 1997 having very skilled and over 10 years experienced workers. Thanks to its high qualitative level, the company has achieved big parts of market in Italy and abroad, among which many press-brake manufactures of world’s fame. The constant attention to the improvement of the working process has lead the company Mora to its very high quality standards, such as mechanical tolerances of matching of the tools of 0,01 mm, excellent sight, all tools are ground not only on the working surfaces (V of bottom tools and tip of punches) but on all transfer loading surfaces as well.

The employ of special alloyed at CrMo steels and antiwearness heat treatments, such as induction hardening at 58-60 HRC at hardening-depth of 2-3 mm at ground surface, give the tools a longer duration life compared to all competitors’ ones. Their best quality and accuracy give the user the best attachment they can have from the first to the last bending, avoiding to waste time in set ups and sparing money.

All the tools are interchangeable, ground on the front sides as well for a perfect matching of the sectioned set which is extremely applicable in all fields of prepainted metalsheets or where a brilliant surface shall not be scratched.

This high tolerances are obtained thanks to modern CNC grinding machines and control instruments, which can project the profile and the dimensions enabling to recognize eventual mistakes and correct them. Every single tools get controlled not only before packing and stocking but during the several manufacturing jobs as well. The company Mora has specialized in the manufacturing of big quantities at once for all press brake manufactures, with interchangebility of 0,01 mm.

Right for this peculiarity the Mora Costruzioni Meccaniche supplies the middle-high-level industries, which take care not only of prices but of accuracy as well as a very important target. Every year new massive investments in machinery are performed to enable the company to keep and overcome its qualitative level and to satisfy the always growing needs of its old and new customers. On request all the tools can be accompanied by a steel and hardening certificate and eventually marked with a logo or name with a special etching machine. The working process is registered through a bar code system, in order to check the manufacturing costs and timing during and at the end of the job, in order to forsee correctly deliverytimes.